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Avoid returns together and reward yourself with rewards

We not only want to provide you with good products, but we also want to reward you if you don't send the items back.

In this way we can make a further contribution to climate protection and avoid CO 2 , which is produced during return transport, as well as additional packaging waste.

For this we cooperate with Keepoala. After registration, your STORY OF MINE order will be automatically recorded at Keepoala. You earn points by keeping the order or, in the event of an unavoidable return, telling us the reasons why you have to send something back to us. You can use the points you collect directly for your next purchase with us or redeem them for alternative, sustainable rewards.

Would you like to find out more about the program? Then just have a look here: https://keepoala.com

Why is it so important to avoid returns?

In Germany alone, around 10 packages are returned every second. That's the same CO₂ emissions per year as flying around the world 17,500 times. But you would have at least seen something of the world, whereas a returned item represents an unnecessary burden on the environment. You are unhappy with the item, the online shop is unhappy with your return and the environment suffers as a result.

With every return you avoid, you save at least 1.7kg of CO2. Regardless of the packaging waste, which is not created because your returned item is repackaged and shipped again after it has been put back into storage. So after avoiding 7 returns, you have saved the CO2 content that a tree compensates for each year through your environmentally conscious shopping behavior.

How does Keepoala work?

Keepoala avoids returns due to the ordering behavior of online shoppers. With the help of the Keepoala app, online shoppers can track their online orders and take part in challenges together as a community, motivate others to be more sensitive in online shopping, serve as a role model and collect points for it.

You collect Keepoalas via the Keepoala website or directly by using the mobile app.

Do I have to take part? Does Keepoala cost me anything?

No, participation in the Keepoala program is of course voluntary and free of charge for you.

Why doesn't Keepoala plant trees to offset climate change?

There are already numerous providers who can help you plant trees and do an excellent job. Keepoala wants to work with you to prevent environmental pollution before it is emitted, rather than being another alternative to simply offset CO2 .

Who is behind Keepoala?

Keepoala is a young company from Munich, which was founded in 2021 by Sebastian, Tjark and Eik. The three have known each other since childhood and are committed to making online retail more sustainable together. They don't want to wait for the big fashion companies to decide on their own to do more, but rather give us all a digital companion so that we can fight the returns madness as an environmentally conscious community.

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