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A truly sustainable story

We want to show how sustainable the stories of fashion can be, if you approach the production honestly and environmentally friendly. We know what our goal is and we stand up for it every day.

How the story begins

The foundation is the sustainable raw materials your clothes are made from. Whether it's Tencel, organic cotton, or even algae, we always make sure we use the most sustainable and highest quality raw materials.

It picks up speed

Our fabrics are mostly made by a fabric supplier that has been in the family for almost 100 years. Here your clothes are knitted or sewn to the and naturally dyed.

Just a few more little things

After your favorite pieces have been sewn as you will wear them in the end, we provide them with loving details and round everything off.

Each part has its own unique story

Because we're as open as possible with our production, we'll give you insight into every step of making your new favorite piece.

Shipped to you personally, fast and plastic free

We will send your package the same day with a personal greeting to you.

Schluss mit Behauptungen und her mit den Fakten!

GOTS certified

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and is the strictest seal when it comes to sustainable textile processing. With an article that is GOTS certified, you can be sure that it has been produced in a truly sustainable way for people and the environment.