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5 years of Story of Mine
I can hardly believe it, but “Story of Mine” celebrated its 5th birthday on August 8th! It has been a very exciting time up to this point and I would like to take this opportunity to look back on our development and successes, but also to report on our long-term goals.
When I founded Story of Mine on August 8, 2018, I knew I wanted to create something special - a fashion label that not only creates beautiful clothes, but also has a positive impact on the world. I wanted to bring about change in the fashion industry and show that sustainability and social responsibility are not a contradiction to good design.
Our first production started in Turkey, but I wanted to develop further with my own label and realize my vision of fully sustainable production. After some effort and intensive research, I did it! Today our products come from sustainable production in Portugal, Spain, Poland and Peru.
I am particularly proud of our production project in Peru to support women in one of the poorest areas of the Andes with a high teenage pregnancy rate. The women knit our sweaters with a lot of love and care from alpaca wool, which comes directly from the Andes. Through their work they not only receive a fair wage, but also the opportunity to be financially independent and to fulfill themselves. Young mothers are supported in escaping poverty and providing the best possible care for their children. You receive educational opportunities and a perspective for a better future. These women are strong and inspiring, and we are grateful to be able to make a small contribution to their well-being.
An important milestone was also the certification according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This shows our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, which resonates in every piece of our collections - fair fashion with powerful stories.
We are now not only present in Germany, but also sell our products in Scandinavia, the DACH region and even in America. This development makes me incredibly happy and shows me again and again that the decision to found my own fair fashion label was absolutely the right one and that I want to achieve even more with Story of Mine and, above all, make an impact.
My personal dream and long-term goal is to build my own production facility in Africa to promote women there and bring about positive change. The idea is not only to produce sustainable clothing, but also to make a direct contribution to the development and improvement of living conditions in the region. This is a project close to my heart for me and the team, which we would like to realize with your support .
But first we have another big project coming up - our pop-up store and the launch of our autumn/winter collection. We can't wait to show you the new designs and meet you in person in our store. We also plan to offer larger collections in the future in order to be able to continue to grow in the B2B sector.
A new, exciting chapter is about to begin and I would like to thank everyone who has supported Story of Mine this far and accompanied me on this journey! Happy Birthday, Story of Mine! Here’s to the next five and more years!
Your Lisa
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