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To the drop of our new knitwear for fall | Winter we would like to introduce you to our newest partner and supplier SOLID in more detail.
SOLID has been committed to improving the living conditions of disadvantaged people for over 20 years. Its goal is to combat poverty in the long term by creating jobs, fair trade and supporting social projects that strengthen the skills and self-confidence of young people, girls and women.
SOLID's products are not only ethically and fairly produced, but also of the highest quality. They are made by artisans in Peru, India and Kenya who specialize in various craft techniques. In Peru, SOLID focuses on knitwear made from high-quality materials such as alpaca, soft highland wool and Pima cotton. Here the focus is on the sustainable knitting and crochet workshop called Manta in Ayacucho, where our knitted sweaters from the new collection were also produced.
Here, over 190 women not only find work, but also training and support. A dedicated social team focuses on developing personal skills and overcoming challenges that women may face in difficult life situations. Childcare services are also offered to help balance work and family life. Personal development is supported through social workshops and coaching in five key areas: Positive Parenting, Self-Esteem and Wellbeing, Health, Income Generation and Child Care. These attempts have a profound impact on the lives and self-realization of these women, who often come from extreme poverty and previously had only a basic education.
We are proud to support SOLID and be part of this inspiring journey.

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