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Today we are opening the second chapter of our Powerful Stories and devoting ourselves to the production of our garments. For this we would like to introduce you to Cottonanswer. Cottonanswer is a production facility in Barcelos, Portugal that we have been working with for three years. Our first Portuguese producer, who we have had most of our clothing made by since then. Our own, innovative and sustainably designed dyehouse enables complete production from start to finish - from material procurement, to dyeing and sample production, to final production.
When I was looking for suitable producers, I paid particular attention to sustainable, transparent and personal production. I want to understand the individual steps and know in detail what the procedures and processes look like. Production should be both innovative and incorporate good concepts in terms of resource conservation (water cycle during dyeing) and recycling (reusing fabric scraps). When choosing producers, the aspect of sustainability should not only relate to product production, but also to collaboration.
At Cottonanswer, great value is placed on good and fair working conditions as well as sustainable and innovative production. Women in particular are supported in this company and take up a large proportion of the jobs. There they are offered the opportunity for a secure job and above-average pay. Exactly what corresponds to my long-term goal: to help women achieve self-realization and equal opportunities! Everything was just right, we share the same values! The good feeling I had here from the start was only confirmed on my first visit to Portugal. The team took a lot of time to show me the entire company, openly and completely transparently. The first styles for Story of Mine have even been discussed. After the tour and detailed explanations, we had a Portuguese lunch together. I always look forward to the traditional Pastel de Nata, which is offered on every visit. From the very beginning we have had a very good and uncomplicated relationship that is characterized by trust. Our contacts Filipie, Marina and Francisca are there to help and advise us and accommodate all of our (extra) requests. We were even able to welcome Filipie and Marina to our home in Münster. This meant that the two of them were able to get to know not only our beautiful city, but also SOM personally. There are many great moments that would not have happened without this good collaboration and that we always remember fondly.
Now that we have introduced you to Cottonanswer as our producer, we would also like to give the people who are responsible for the actual production of our clothing a name and a face. We not only want to write the history of a fair production, but also the history of Glória.
Glória is one of the seamstresses employed by Cottonanswer, who ensures that designs take shape and end up with finished garments that reach our homes and ultimately yours. She has worked for the company for around 40 years and has never done anything else. Before becoming head of the production line, she worked exclusively as a seamstress and operated the machines for seven years. Like us, Glória particularly appreciates the atmosphere in the company and the people she works with.
With the introduction of Cottonanswer and Glória we gave you an insight into our production. We are proud to have a sustainable, transparent and personal production supported by committed people like Glória. Our Powerful Stories are shaped not only by the stories of our customers, but also by the stories of our producers and employees.
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