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Find the New Year's resolution that really suits you

Jahresvorsätze 2022, Bucket List, STORY OF MINE
Happy New Year! 🍀

With a new year comes new resolutions. But you just have no idea which resolutions suit you?
We asked you guys on Instagram what your New Year's resolutions were. Now we have made a selection for you. Maybe there is something for you? Let us know and write us a comment!

To make it clearer for you, we have divided the resolutions into three categories: health, leisure and sustainability. The last category is particularly important to us as a slow and fair fashion label.


  1. Healthy eating
  2. Enough liquid
  3. Enough fresh air
  4. Smile a lot (does you look good and is good for you!)
  5. Do sports regularly
  6. Sufficient sleep
  7. Regular check-ups

Leisure time:

  1. Live consciously and enjoy
  2. Keep a success journal/diary
  3. More me time
  4. meditate
  5. Do something for a good cause (voluntary work)
  6. Social media detox


  1. Shop seasonally & regionally
  2. When shopping, pay attention to organic and fairly grown products
  3. Cook fresh yourself
  4. Wear sustainable clothing (good for you & the environment)
  5. Turn your back on fast fashion
  6. become a vegetarian
  7. Only buy/own things you really need
  8. Switch to green electricity provider
  9. Do not waste/dispose of food
  10. Use reusable cups, cans, etc
  11. Properly separate rubbish
  12. Reduce ecological footprint
  13. Grow your own food

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